Because nobody wants another bland dating app.

The average mobile app idea falls within a specific spectrum. In other words, most of them are “within the box.” And there's nothing wrong with that. Every industry has room for healthy competition, as long as you can offer the market something different from your competitors.

That will require more than taking an already proven idea and adding a few new features and a new name. There's nothing wrong with redesigning someone's idea, but in order to differentiate it, you have to run a different business.

Customers aren’t going to join your app because you’ve created an Instagram for only…

Your career tells me nothing about your character.

We live in a society where “Who do you work for?” and “What do you do for a living?” are life-defining questions, not just conversation starters. We’ve given them far more weight than the “ice-breaker” we typically use them as. Rather than attempting to start a dialogue, we’re using them to form our first impression of others and judge whether they’re worthy of our time or not.

It seems normal to us, but it’s actually quite an odd way to meet someone in the long-run.

Your career tells us your skillset, accomplishments, income, and social status, but it doesn’t actually…

“ I don’t want customers anymore. I want clients.” — Anson Ervin (My Business Partner)

When you start a business, you’ll intentionally go in with a particular target market in mind. Maybe you’re after women in their 30’s with kids, African American teens that enjoy sports, middle-aged white caucasian males, etc. It’s not really a customer restriction, but a guide for your marketing.

Realistically, you’ll service whoever is willing to purchase your product or service. Your initial target market is merely an assumption of who you think will benefit from your product the most. …

I’ve tried waiting for the perfect time, and it never came. So I just went for it.

You would think that a generation of perfectionists would be hell-bent on changing the world — at all costs. That they would wake up every morning to pursue new business ventures, create new tech, amend unfair policies, build a life that suits them, and forever improve the world around them.

Until it was just as perfect as they view themselves to be.

The world needs people who are willing to look at the world around them and force their vision upon it. Without those types of people, progress is never made. …

What Liberation means for minorities in America with The Movement CEO Muqkadeen Poole.

“Freedom has always been defined by the people in power, never by the oppressed. ”- Muqkadeen Poole

Many of American history’s victims have become its citizens. And the result has been a melting pot of cultures, struggling to coexist amongst one another. Living with a vague sense of freedom created by their oppressor.

And while we may be free of our physical chains, shackles, and encampments, we’re still haunted by a history that silently tortures us. One full of genocides, slavery, unjust wars, etc. …

Talking monetization in the underground music world.

Most artists won’t reach superstardom, and I think the quicker you can accept that truth the quicker you’ll start to adapt your thinking into how to make a decent living off of music. -Hannibal Brumskine III

The Music industry has no middle class. You’re either a successfully signed artist or viewed as a dreamer, making music in your spare time. Which is not common in other creative industries. For example, writers, painters, and even comedians all have a fairly sustainable middle class. …

Can you actually define what you’re looking for in a job? And is that realistic?

All experiences in life consist of peaks and valleys. You can expect to struggle at times, excel at others and experience a few low points and high moments in between. And personally, I’ve found a lot of fulfillment after I’ve finally made it through those rough patches. You can’t truly appreciate a vacation until you’ve worked your a** off for it.

No matter where you work, you probably won’t love what you’re doing on day one — or even month one. That’s the reality of it and a key aspect of working at any job that I’ve tried to relay…

COVID-19 tried to kill our Creativity, but it failed.

Pandemic or not, I love business and selling, that’s where my creativity lies. And Covid-19 made a valiant attempt to take it from me. There was a point there where no one would meet with me in-person. Not to mention it was impossible to cold call and get in touch with a decision-maker with everyone working remotely from home.

Most of the meeting spots were closed and the average person was afraid to be in close contact with anyone for too long. …

Entrepreneurial employees working for entrepreneurs.

Ideally, when you hire your first few staff members they’ll be thrown into a fast-paced and everchanging environment. This means they’ll need to be able to adapt to change, complete tasks and voice their opinion and results without much guidance.

Thus as the CEO/Director or manager, your job is to create an environment where problem-solving and creativity is encouraged and rewarded highly. But also make new hires aware of the environment they’re walking into.

It’s important to explain to your staff members that not every process is set in stone. There are a lot of moving parts in a start-up…

Epidemics don’t create new problems they expose existing ones.

Let’s just take a moment to admit that this is a scary time, and I for one feel vulnerable. The COVID-19 pandemic feels far more real than Ebola or any other small outbreak we’ve had in my lifetime. It feels like it’s everywhere and slowly inching toward me. And many of us don’t feel as safe as we once did. But amid all the fear and ambiguity I can’t help but wonder what lasting effect this will have on us as a country.

Epidemics don’t create new problems they just expose existing ones. Ones we’ve swept under the rug or…

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