It’s Time to Reboot Our Creativity.

COVID-19 tried to kill our Creativity, but it failed.

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4 min readJul 29, 2020


Pandemic or not, I love business and selling, that’s where my creativity lies. And Covid-19 made a valiant attempt to take it from me. There was a point there where no one would meet with me in-person. Not to mention it was impossible to cold call and get in touch with a decision-maker with everyone working remotely from home.

Most of the meeting spots were closed and the average person was afraid to be in close contact with anyone for too long. And while I still could video chat, nothing beats building rapport over a cup of coffee or a few drinks at a local bar with your clients.

Unfortunately, that’s the level of paranoia we reached. And even if you don’t run your business out of a brick and mortar location that was forced to close, you definitely felt the downward shift.

In times of uncertainty, people stop spending money and stop taking risks. And with that, they stop being creative. Which is difficult when your target market is risk-takers and creatives.

Over the past few months, my business partner and I have allocated all of our focus towards trying to keep our software company afloat — and we succeeded.

We tightened our budget, doubled down on our current clientele and maximized every small window of opportunity we could conceive. And while that was a great achievement on our end. It was tough to watch as many of our clients, friends and family buckled under the weight of the pandemic.

It’s a tough pill to swallow. I mean, how do you wake up every day afraid to use your gift and maintain sanity? Afraid to go out and dance, play sports, coach, teach, do stand-up, cook, cut hair, preach, etc. It’s not possible.

Our gifts keep up sane.

Which is why you have to find alternative ways to make your business/gift work during this time. Pivot and improvise instead of waiting it out.

People that can adapt will always find success.

One of my biggest takeaways from the pandemic is that the ability to adapt is what sets us apart.



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